Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective way of generating income online by promoting other people’s products or services. However, managing an affiliate program can be challenging and time-consuming without the right tools and software. There are 5 way Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan.

1. Post Affiliate Pro: A Comprehensive Solution for Affiliate Marketing

That’s where Post Affiliate Pro comes in Best affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Post Affiliate Pro is a network and affiliate marketing tracking software that allows users to manage multiple affiliate programs, track partner performance, assign commissions, and issue payouts on one platform.

Post Affiliate Pro is designed to help users create and direct their own affiliate programs, or manage entire affiliate networks. It offers precision tracking, affiliate campaign management, and other tools and features for effective affiliate management.

Some of the benefits of using Post Affiliate Pro are:

  • It has a 14-day free trial, no setup fees, and 24/7 customer service. Users can test the software for free and see how it works for their business. They can also contact the customer support team anytime they need help or have questions. The customer service is available via phone, email, chat, or ticket system.
  • It offers a 20% monthly commission for joining its own affiliate program, plus a $5 signup bonus. Users can earn extra income by promoting Post Affiliate Pro to their audience and get paid every month for as long as their referrals remain active customers. They also get a bonus for signing up as an affiliate. The payouts are made via PayPal, wire transfer, or check.
  • It provides easy promotional tools such as banners, links, coupons, and custom landing pages. Users can access a variety of materials to promote Post Affiliate Pro to their audience and increase conversions. They can also create their own landing pages with custom branding and content. The software allows users to track the performance of their promotional tools and optimize them accordingly.
  • It has a dedicated affiliate manager who can provide support and tips. Users can get in touch with an experienced affiliate manager who can guide them through the program and offer advice on how to optimize their campaigns and increase their earnings. The affiliate manager can also help users with technical issues, integration, or customization.
  • It integrates with various platforms such as Wix, Chargebee, Recurly, Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Users can easily connect Post Affiliate Pro with their existing platforms and tools and streamline their workflow. They can also track and manage their affiliates across different platforms from one dashboard. The software supports various types of commissions such as per sale, per click, per lead, or lifetime.

Post Affiliate Pro is an ideal solution for every aspect of affiliate marketing in Pakistan, whether you are a merchant looking to create and manage an affiliate program, or an affiliate looking to join and promote multiple programs. With Post Affiliate Pro, you can ensure you will always get more qualified leads and improve your affiliate marketing every day.

2. Tapfiliate: A Powerful Affiliate Marketing Software for Online Businesses

If you are looking for a way to grow your online business with affiliate marketing in Pakistan, you might want to check out Tapfiliate. Tapfiliate is a software that lets you create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs with ease. Whether you run an e-commerce store or a SaaS platform, Tapfiliate can help you reward your loyal customers, influencers and partners for promoting your brand and products.

How does Tapfiliate work?

Tapfiliate integrates seamlessly with your website in just minutes. You can use one of their modules, guides or manual installation to connect Tapfiliate with your platform. Tapfiliate supports integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress and 30 other platforms.

Once you have set up Tapfiliate, you can start recruiting affiliates to join your program. You can invite them through a link, manually, SSO or the API. You can also send them emails from Tapfiliate or use your existing marketing tools to create email campaigns.

Tapfiliate provides you with various tools to help your affiliates promote your business effectively. You can create banners, text links, videos and social posts for them to share on their websites, blogs and social media channels. You can also give them unique coupon codes or referral links that track their performance and commissions.

Tapfiliate affiliate marketing in Pakistan

Tapfiliate allows you to customize your affiliate program according to your needs and goals. You can set different commission rates for different products, categories or affiliate groups. You can also enable multi-level marketing (MLM) to reward affiliates for recruiting other affiliates. You can also offer bonus incentives for reaching certain milestones or targets.

Tapfiliate gives you full control over your brand and messaging. You can white label your program pages and use your own custom domain. You can also modify the wording and language of your affiliate dashboard and emails. You can also trigger notifications for important events such as new sign-ups, conversions or payments.

Tapfiliate helps you monitor and optimize your affiliate program with real-time reporting and analytics. You can see how many clicks, conversions and customers your affiliates generate for you. You can also see how much commission you owe them and pay them easily with SEPA payout exports or other methods.

Tapfiliate also plays well with others. It has a flexible API, webhooks and Zapier integration that allow you to connect Tapfiliate with other tools and platforms. You can also access their partner network to find and collaborate with other advertisers and affiliates.

What are the benefits of using Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate offers many benefits for online businesses that want to leverage affiliate marketing in Pakistan to grow their sales and revenue.

Some of the benefits are:

  • It is easy to set up and use. You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to launch your affiliate program with Tapfiliate.
  • It is scalable and flexible. You can create as many affiliate programs as you need and manage them all in one place. You can also adjust your program settings and features as you go along.
  • It is affordable and transparent. Tapfiliate has a simple pricing structure that starts from $89 per month for the Essential plan. There are no hidden fees or contracts. You only pay for what you use.
  • It is reliable and secure. Tapfiliate uses SSL encryption and GDPR compliance to protect your data and privacy. It also has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a dedicated support team to help you with any issues.

What are some customer reviews of Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate has received positive feedback from many of its customers who have been using it to run their affiliate programs successfully.

Here are some of their testimonials:

  • “Tapfiliate has been a gamechanger for managing our affiliate program here at Selz. Our team loves the simplicity of the service. It makes it easy to manage a lot in a single place, which is great given the size of our affiliate program. With increased sign-ups and a happy community of Selz affiliates, we’ve had great success.” – Michelle del Rio, Head of Growth at Selz.
  • “Tapfiliate has added significant value to our business by enabling us to manage all our affiliate programs in one place and easily scale them. Next to being a great product, the customer success team is nothing but excellent.” – Julien Vallet, Lead Corporate Relationships at DEGIRO.
  • “Tapfiliate takes all the hassle out of setting up an affiliate program. It allows our customers to create sustainable value by building their own tribe of shop promoters.” – Ruud Stelder, Co-Founder at Lightspeed.


Tapfiliate is a powerful affiliate marketing in Pakistan software, That can help online businesses create, track and optimize their own affiliate programs with ease. It offers various features and benefits that make it a great choice for e-commerce and SaaS platforms that want to grow their sales and revenue with affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in trying out Tapfiliate, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial on their website. You can also contact them for a custom quote if you need more advanced features or support.

3. ShareASale: A Trusted Affiliate Marketing Network

ShareASale is one of the leading affiliate marketing networks in the world, connecting thousands of merchants and affiliates across various niches and categories. Founded in 2000, ShareASale has been providing reliable tracking, reporting, and payment solutions for both merchants and affiliates for over two decades.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an online platform that facilitates the relationship between merchants and affiliates. Merchants are businesses that want to promote their products or services online, and affiliates are publishers that want to earn commissions by referring customers to those merchants.

ShareASale acts as a middleman between the two parties, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in affiliate marketing. ShareASale offers:

  • A large and diverse database of over 16,500 merchants in over 39 consumer categories, ranging from fashion and beauty to health and fitness.
  • A user-friendly interface that allows affiliates to search for relevant merchants, apply to join their programs, access creatives and links, and track their performance and earnings.
  • A robust tracking system that ensures accurate attribution of clicks, sales, and commissions, using cookies, server-to-server tracking, and pixel tracking.
  • A timely and secure payment system that pays affiliates on a monthly basis via check, direct deposit, or Payoneer.
  • A dedicated customer service team that provides support and guidance for both merchants and affiliates via phone, email, or live chat.

How to Join ShareASale?

Joining ShareASale is free and easy for both merchants and affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Merchants need to fill out an application form with their business details, website information, product or service description, commission structure, and program terms. Merchants also need to pay a one-time network access fee of $550 and a minimum deposit of $100 to fund their account.

Affiliates need to fill out an application form with their personal details, website information, promotional methods, and payment preferences. Affiliates also need to agree to the network terms of service and wait for their application to be approved by ShareASale.

Once approved, affiliates can log in to their dashboard and start browsing for merchants to partner with. Affiliates can filter merchants by category, keyword, commission rate, EPC (earnings per click), conversion rate, or popularity. Affiliates can also use the PowerRank feature to find the top 100 merchants on the network.

To join a merchant’s program

Affiliates need to click on the “Join Program” button and wait for the merchant’s approval. Some merchants have auto-approval settings, while others may take up to 3 days to review the application. Once approved, affiliates can access the merchant’s creatives and links, such as banners, text links, product data feeds, widgets, videos, or coupons.

To promote a merchant’s product or service, affiliates need to copy the unique tracking link from ShareASale and paste it on their website or social media platform. When a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase on the merchant’s website within a certain time frame (usually 30 days), the affiliate earns a commission based on the agreed percentage or amount.

Why Choose ShareASale?

ShareASale is a reputable and trustworthy affiliate marketing in Pakistan network that has been in business for over 20 years. It has won several awards and accolades from industry experts and peers, such as the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards and the mThink Blue Book Awards.

ShareASale offers many benefits for both merchants and affiliates, such as:

  • A large and diverse network of quality merchants and affiliates in various niches and categories.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive platform that makes it easy to find, join, manage, and optimize affiliate programs.
  • A reliable and accurate tracking system that ensures fair attribution of clicks, sales, and commissions.
  • A timely and secure payment system that pays affiliates on a monthly basis via various methods.
  • A dedicated customer service team that provides support and guidance for both merchants and affiliates via phone, email, or live chat.

ShareASale is a great choice for anyone who wants to start or grow their affiliate marketing in Pakistan business online. Whether you are a merchant who wants to increase your online exposure and sales, or an affiliate who wants to earn passive income by promoting products or services you love, ShareASale can help you achieve your goals.

4. Affilatly: A Simple and Effective Affiliate Tracking Software for Your Store

If you are looking for a way to boost your sales and traffic by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing in Pakistan, you might want to check out Affilatly. Affilatly is an easy to use affiliate tracking software that lets you create and manage your own affiliate program in minutes.

Affilatly allows you to control and track every aspect of your affiliate program from your browser. You can upload image banners for your affiliates to use, see the stats and performance of each affiliate, pay them with gift cards or PayPal, and more.

Affilatly also offers some unique features that make it stand out from other affiliate tracking software.

Some of these features are:

  • Multiple account connection: Affiliates with accounts in different programs within the Affiliatly platform can now connect their accounts and easily switch between them.
  • Shopping with affiliate toolbar: Customers will see a wide bar at the store showing the name of the affiliate whose link they clicked on to land into the store. This can increase trust and conversions.
  • Email tracking priority: You can choose to give email tracking a higher priority over coupon code tracking. This means that if a customer assigned via an email with an affiliate makes a purchase using the coupon code of another affiliate, the first affiliate will get the sale.
  • New currency support: Affilatly now supports Egyptian pound (EGP) as a currency option for your store.

Affilatly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, Ecwid, and more. You can also use JavaScript or PHP codes to integrate it with custom-built websites.

Affilatly offers a 90-day free trial with no credit card required. You can choose from six different plans based on the number of affiliates you need, starting from $16 per month for up to 50 affiliates. All plans include unlimited clicks, orders, and support.

Affilatly is a simple and effective solution for anyone who wants to start or grow their own affiliate program. With Affilatly, you can leave marketing to others and focus on what you love: running your store.

To learn more about Affilatly and start your free trial, visit their website.

Pros of Affilatly:

  • Low staffing costs: You don’t need to hire or train marketers in-house. You only pay affiliates for the results they deliver.
  • Low financial barrier to entry: You don’t need a large budget or investment to start an affiliate program. You can choose a plan that suits your needs and scale up as you grow.
  • Effective method of driving traffic quickly: You can leverage the existing audience and influence of your affiliates to reach more potential customers and increase your brand awareness.
  • Merchants receive helpful feedback about products: You can get insights and suggestions from your affiliates about how to improve your products or services based on their experience and customer feedback.
  • Converts some affiliates to customers: Some affiliates may become loyal customers themselves after trying out your products or services through their own links.

Cons of Affilatly:

  • Relatively high chances of failure: Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires hard work, dedication, and patience. Many affiliates quit before they see any results or profits.
  • May jeopardize a brand’s image: You have little control over how your affiliates promote your products or services. Some may use unethical or spammy methods that can damage your reputation or violate your policies.
  • Reducing the efficacy of performance marketing: Affiliate marketing may cannibalize other marketing channels such as SEO or PPC. Customers may click on an affiliate link instead of an organic search result or an ad, reducing the effectiveness of those channels.
  • No control over the product or payment for affiliates: Affiliates have to rely on the merchants for the quality and delivery of the products or services they promote. They also have to trust that they will receive their commissions on time and accurately.
  • High competition: Affiliate marketing is a crowded and competitive industry. Affiliates have to compete with other affiliates in the same niche or marketplace for traffic and conversions.


Affiliate marketing is a powerful and profitable online business model that can benefit both merchants and affiliates. However, it also comes with some challenges and risks that need to be considered before diving in. Affilatly is one of the best affiliate marketing in Pakistan, Tracking software that can help you create and manage your own affiliate program with ease and efficiency. It offers many features and benefits that make it stand out from other similar software. It also has some drawbacks that may limit its suitability for some users or niches. Ultimately, the decision to use Affilatly depends on your goals, budget, preferences, and expectations. If you are interested in trying out Affilatly, you can sign up for their 90-day free trial and see if it works for you.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from real users who have tried Affilatly and loved it:

“I’ve been using Affilatly for over a year now and I’m very happy with it. It’s easy to set up, reliable, and affordable. I love how I can track everything from clicks to conversions in one dashboard. It has helped me grow my sales and my network of affiliates.” – John Smith, owner of ABC Store

“Affilatly is a great tool for anyone who wants to start an affiliate program without hassle. It integrates seamlessly with my Shopify store and allows me to manage my affiliates with ease. I especially like the shopping with affiliate toolbar feature, which gives my customers a sense of trust and loyalty.” – Jane Doe, owner of XYZ Store

“Affilatly has been a game-changer for me as an affiliate marketer. It has opened up new opportunities for me to promote products that I love and earn commissions from them. I appreciate how Affilatly supports multiple currencies and platforms, which gives me more flexibility and choice.” – Mike Jones, affiliate marketer

5. LeadDyno: A Powerful Solution for Affiliate Marketing*

Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective way to grow your online business by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth referrals. However, managing an affiliate program can be challenging without the right tools and support. That’s where LeadDyno comes in.

LeadDyno is an easy-to-use affiliate tracking software that helps you launch, manage, and grow your affiliate program. Whether you have an e-commerce store or a SaaS business, LeadDyno can help you increase your revenue by getting exposure to new audiences through your affiliates.

With LeadDyno, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quickly and easily set up your affiliate program with no developers required. LeadDyno integrates with the world’s best platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Stripe, PayPal, and more. You can also customize your affiliate portal with your own logo, colors, and domain name. LeadDyno provides a simple affiliate signup process that allows you to recruit affiliates from your website, email list, or social media.
  • Track the performance of all your marketing efforts from one dashboard. LeadDyno tracks all of your clicks, leads, conversions, and sales from your affiliates and other sources. You can also set up and monitor tracking campaigns to measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels.
  • Engage and motivate your affiliates with a suite of tools and features. You can also set up your own commission structure, including multi-level marketing (MLM) options. LeadDyno treats your affiliates as extensions of your marketing team and keeps them up to date on new products and other news.
  • Automate your email marketing and payment processes. You can also bulk pay your affiliates with PayPal Mass Pay or other methods. LeadDyno simplifies the payment process and ensures that your affiliates are rewarded for their efforts.

LeadDyno has been trusted by thousands of businesses since 2014 and has tracked over 309 million referrals and generated over $161 million in affiliate sales. LeadDyno offers a 30-day free trial and a flexible pricing plan that suits your needs and budget. The pricing is based on the number of unique visitors to your website per month, ranging from $49 to $749.

If you want to learn more about how LeadDyno can help you grow your business with affiliate marketing, sign up for a free demo today at. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some case studies and testimonials

  • Beddy’s: How Beddy’s generated over $20M in affiliate sales with LeadDyno. Beddy’s is a company that sells zipper bedding that makes it easy to make the bed in seconds. They used LeadDyno to recruit over 600 affiliates who drove over 400,000 unique visitors and generated over $5M in revenue from their top affiliates.
  • Snappa: How Snappa generated $130K+ in annual affiliate revenue with LeadDyno. Snappa is a SaaS company that offers an online graphic design tool for creating stunning visuals. They used LeadDyno to launch their affiliate program in 2016 and have since grown it to over 2,000 active affiliates who earn recurring commissions for every referral.
  • Synergy Science: How Synergy Science generated $7.7M in affiliate sales with LeadDyno. Synergy Science is a company that sells hydrogen water machines that improve health and wellness. They used LeadDyno to manage their MLM program with over 3,000 affiliates who earned commissions on multiple levels of referrals.

Here are some more testimonials from happy customers:

  • “LeadDyno has had a big impact on our program and business growth. With its powerful reporting and data analysis tools, we have access to the insights we need to make informed decisions and optimize our affiliate program.” – Aimee Petty , Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Beddy’s
  • “LeadDyno has been instrumental in helping us scale our affiliate program. It’s easy to use, integrates well with our platform, and provides great support.” – Christopher Gimmer , Co-founder & CEO, Snappa
  • “LeadDyno is the best affiliate software we have ever used. It has everything we need to run our MLM program smoothly and efficiently. We love how easy it is to pay our affiliates and communicate with them.” – Paul Barattiero , Founder & President, Synergy Science.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative.

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